Essential Oil Diaper Cream

Looking for something to make with your essential oils when you get your Premium Starter Kit? Here is a recipe I stumbled across while trying come up with a cloth diaper safe ointment I could make with what I had on hand. This uses 3 of the oils that are included in your Premium Starter Kit. The coconut oil and Tea Tree EO are very inexpensive and extremely handy to keep on hand.


In case you can’t read the recipe from the graphic above, here it is:

2oz Coconut Oil
6 drops Copaiba EO
6 drops Frankincense EO
6 drops Lavender EO
6 drops Tea Tree EO

Melt coconut oil in microwave just until liquid. Add essential oils and stir well. (Use a wooden craft stick to stir.) Store in a tightly-sealed container. (Coconut oil will leak if not tightly sealed!)
Apply to diaper area each change.

This is super simple, super cheap, good for baby’s skin, and safe for cloth diapers. I have seen this cream clear up a raging red rash on my son in just one application! This is a 2% dilution, which is perfect for tender baby tushies. 🙂

EDIT: 8/1015 I just realized I made a mistake in this post. This is actually a 4% dilution. Still perfect for babies. 🙂