Do or Don’t Part 1: My Personal Stance on Internal Usage of Essential Oils

I want to start out this post by saying I love Young Living Essential Oils. I love the oils, and I love the people I have come in contact with since joining. I love the global vision the company has and I believe they truly have a heart for helping people.

But I feel like I would not be staying true to myself and my beliefs if I did not make my personal stance on the internal usage of essential oils known.

Short version: I do not recommend it. Until you yourself know enough about essential oils AND are under the care of a licensed natural medicine practitioner or aromatherapist, please do not ingest or drink.

Long version: Here is the long version. 🙂 Lea’s website has been extremely helpful to me while I have been using EOs. I recommend this website to anyone who contacts me about essential oils. I will say, they tend to be anti-MLM (so anti-Young Living and anti-DoTerra), but I do believe the information presented is sound and helpful. You will notice that this link does give guidance for ingesting essential oils. I do believe it is important to know how it works and how to safely ingest, even if I do not personally recommend casual ingestion.

Just a note: Knowledge of ingestion of essential oils goes hand in hand with knowledge of sensitization to essential oils. (I have first-hand experience with sensitization. I used a natural deodorant with grapefruit EO. Because I used it everyday, I started having itching and burning under my arms when I applied it. Even after not using it for a few weeks, the itching and burning started right back the first time I used it again. I know it was the grapefruit EO, because I had another jar of the same brand that had all the same ingredients except grapefruit EO. I can, and still, use that one just fine.) You can read more about sensitization here.

All that being said, I cannot tell you how to use your essential oils. I am not trained to do so. I am trained to sell them to you and give you safety information. 🙂 Since I am trained to sell you a a safe product, I will tell you to learn about essential oils, research all you can, and use them as you need, safely. Passing on the info I have learned, especially from Learning About EOs, is the best way I know to do that. Please take a look at the site and take in the information presented there. Then, go out and get some books on EO usage and safety. Talk to a licensed aromatherapist or natural medicine doctor. Expand your mind on how to use these powerful, potent substances that we have been blessed with.

Again, I love Young Living and prefer them over any other brand I have used. I believe their heart is to truly care for people and provide them with a safe, effective, and premium product.


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