Update on Life and November Young Living Freebies!


So, it’s been a while since I have posted. Things have been a bit crazy. 🙂 My newest little one was due November 5th. If you read my last post, you know that we had a bit of a preterm labor scare that resulted in a stay in the hospital for a few days.

Well, that was just the beginning. On October 11th, we were back at the hospital at 2:30 that morning. I was in labor again, but this time, baby was transverse, coming feet first, with the possibility of cord prolapse. We were not leaving there without a baby. After talk of a possible c-section, breech birth, and version, we went with the version to turn the baby head down (if that did not work, we were going to try for turning him breech and deliver him breech.) But, the head-down version worked. That happened at about 10am and at 9:20pm, Oliver entered the world just like I knew he would. Kicking and screaming. So the last month when I had been expecting to be pregnant, I have been taking care of my little one.

I haven’t done a lot with keeping up with Young Living until this month. And I am glad I did! There are some great freebies this month! This would be a perfect time to join as a distributor and start up your Essential Rewards.

First off, there is a new Premium Starter Kit! This one includes the Rainstone Diffuser!


Also, the freebies for 190 PV and over orders are awesome!


Just want to touch on this again. See the ER Exclusive item in the graphic above? Well, you only get that for free if you place your 190 PV or more order through Essential Rewards. And what is Essential Rewards? Just about the best thing about joining Young Living!

For most products you order, you get points. Most items have a point value. When you order through Essential Rewards, you get the products you order, plus any freebies you qualify for PLUS points to use on future orders for MORE FREE STUFF!!!

If you want more details on Essential Rewards, or just on joining Young Living in general, feel free to email me at theoilydrop@gmail.com.

If you are ready, just click here to signup! This will allow you to signup with me as your enroller and sponsor.


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