Want to order from Young Living?

I have an order going in on September 10th! If you would like to order anything, just email me at theoilydrop@gmail.com and I will order it for you! If you are looking for something specific, just email me and I will look for it for you.

Please note that payment is required before the order goes in. PayPal is the only form of payment I accept. If I do not get payment before September 10th, I cannot order anything for you. If anything you have ordered is out of stock, I will refund you as soon as I know.

And remember, there are some super deals from Young Living and from me if you sign up as an independent distributor by August 31st!


$10 off select Premium Starter Kits for new members PLUS…


a FREE gift from me!

If you are one of the first 3 people to sign up in August, you get to choose from 2 sets.
The first set is 2 sheets of Oil Cap Labels plus your choice of one (1)-15ml bottle of cedarwood, lemon, lime OR orange EO, OR one (1)-5ml bottle of Jade Lemon EO, OR one (1)-10ct pack of Aromaglide Fitments, OR Dead Sea Mud Soap, OR Dead Sea Bath Salts, OR Thieves Dish Soap.
The second set, you can choose from a Young Living branded 10 Bottle Oil Carry Case (choose Blue, Green, or Fuschia) OR one (1)-5ml bottle of Sacred Mountain EO blend.

If you are after the first 3 people to sign up, or sign up with the Basic Starter Kit, you get the 2 sheets of Oil Cap Labels.


Light the Fire Promo Extended!!!


Great news!

Young Living has extended the Light The Fire promotion on select Premium Starter Kits! That means you now have until August 31st to sign up for a Premium Starter Kit at $10 off for new members!

And don’t forget about the FREE gifts from me if you sign up!



If you have any questions, just email me at theoilydrop@gmail.com!

Sign-Up Perks! (Update and Added Perks!)

Hello again! I have some news for you. 🙂

After seeing all the great stuff that Young Living released yesterday, along with the awesome promo going on right now for the Premium Starter Kit, I thought I would sweeten the deal a little by offering my own promotion. 🙂

Anyone who signs up for any Starter Kit, whether Basic or Premium, with my number (1861281) for enroller and sponsor, will get a free gift from me!

If you sign up with a Basic Starter Kit, you will receive 2 sheets of essential oil cap labels!


These are so handy to have. You can ID your bottles without have to pull all of them out to find the one you are looking for.

If you are one of the first 3 people in August to sign up for a Premium Starter Kit using my number, you get to chose your freebie from 2 different sets!


The first set you can chose from includes 2 sheets of oil cap labels plus your choice of the following: 1-15ml bottle of Cedarwood, Lemon, Lime, or Orange essential oils, OR 1-5ml bottle of Jade Lemon essential oil OR 1-10ct pack of AromaGlide Fitments OR (just added!!!) Dead Sea Mud Soap OR Dead Sea Bath Salts, OR Thieves Dish Soap.


The second set you can chose from is your choice of a Young Living branded 10 Oil Carry Case (Choose Blue, Fuchsia, or Green) OR 1-5ml bottle of Sacred Mountain Essential Oil Blend. (This set does not include the 2 sheets of essential oil cap labels.)

Anyone who signs up with a Premium Starter kit after the first 3 will get the 2 sheets of oil cap labels.

So, if you sign up with me before August 14th with a Premium Starter Kit, you will get $10 off the starter kit, PLUS the freebie from me! But, my sign-up perk offer is good through the end of the month. 🙂 Just click here to get started! And if you have any questions, just email me at theoilydrop@gmail.com

The Fine Print: Sign-up perks from me will ship to you by the end of September or, if due to unforseen circumstances the product is not available from Young Living, as soon as it is available again. After you signup, I will contact you to get your choice of freebies (if one of the first 3 to sign up with a Premium Starter Kit) and your shipping address.

Essential Oil Diaper Cream

Looking for something to make with your essential oils when you get your Premium Starter Kit? Here is a recipe I stumbled across while trying come up with a cloth diaper safe ointment I could make with what I had on hand. This uses 3 of the oils that are included in your Premium Starter Kit. The coconut oil and Tea Tree EO are very inexpensive and extremely handy to keep on hand.


In case you can’t read the recipe from the graphic above, here it is:

2oz Coconut Oil
6 drops Copaiba EO
6 drops Frankincense EO
6 drops Lavender EO
6 drops Tea Tree EO

Melt coconut oil in microwave just until liquid. Add essential oils and stir well. (Use a wooden craft stick to stir.) Store in a tightly-sealed container. (Coconut oil will leak if not tightly sealed!)
Apply to diaper area each change.

This is super simple, super cheap, good for baby’s skin, and safe for cloth diapers. I have seen this cream clear up a raging red rash on my son in just one application! This is a 2% dilution, which is perfect for tender baby tushies. 🙂

EDIT: 8/1015 I just realized I made a mistake in this post. This is actually a 4% dilution. Still perfect for babies. 🙂

Get Ready for August 10th!!!

August 10th is a pretty big day for Young Living!!!


New products!!!

This week is the Young Living Annual Convention in Dallas, TX, and they have been unveiling TONS of new and exciting products. I will let it be a surprise, but trust me when I say there is going to be some amazing new stuff.


And don’t forget, if you have been interested in Young Living, they are running a great promotion right now on the Premium Starter Kit*! And let me let you in on a little secret. If you have been thinking about getting started and taking advantage of the Essential Rewards program, now is the perfect time. Start by purchasing just your Starter Kit now. Then, wait until August 10th or after and sign up for Essential Rewards. That way, you don’t have to buy an Essential Rewards Kit AND you can purchase the new products that are going to be released! So that way, you order it all at one time, and you get points for the new products (since you can only place one Essential Rewards order a month.)
Just click here to get started. And as always, you can email me at theoilydrop@gmail.com if you have any questions!

*Promotion does not include Premium Starter Kit with Aria Diffuser, or Premium Starter Kit with NingXia Red.