And We Come To The End

First off, let me apologize for not blogging but twice during the week. This has been a rough week. Not sure if it is just stress, or some postpartum issues, or a little of both.

But I can assure you that I kept up with the challenge. I diapered my 4 month old son in nothing by flats (and a few fitteds for nighttime), and I handwashed all of them. I diapered with flats at work and the car dealership while my car was being repaired. I washed 3 times this week in a camp washer and hung everything to dry either in my bathrooms and laundry room, or outside on the fence. (I don’t have a clothesline.)

So what did I learn? I learned a new way to support a mother or father who is wanting to cloth diaper, but has limited funds. I learned a way to help them make it work for them. I learned how I can continue to cloth diaper in power outages and while camping.


I plan on still posting about various things I learned throughout the challenge, like my wash routine and such.


This week was fun, despite everything, and I already plan on participating next year. 🙂


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