This Is Why You Read Ahead & Plan Accordingly

DISCLAIMER: I sell cloth diapers for a living. While I am giving retail costs for my stash in this post, I did receive a discount on my diapering supplies.


So today’s post was supposed to include pictures of your stash. And I, (being me) didn’t think to look ahead. So…

I don’t have a picture.

I know. I’m sorry. 😦 I would take one, but my stash is currently scattered across my house, drying in various places. I didn’t get to wash until 8pm, so line drying was out of the question. So no picture.

But I can tell you what I have and how much it costs! 🙂

We good now?

Ok, great. 🙂


Ok, to start off, for my diapering stash I have:
12 OsoCozy Unbleached Cotton Flats ($22.95 for a dozen)
3 Rumparooz Newborn Covers ($12 each)
2 Rumparooz OS Covers ($16 each)
2 Size 1 Snappis ($3.99 each)
2 EcoPosh Newborn Fitteds ($29.95 each)
2 Hemp Babies Small Diaper Doublers ($2.50 each)

For my washing equipment (supplies?…whatever), I have:
1 5gal. bucket with lid ($4 approx.)
1 plunger ($3 approx.)
Eco Sprout detergent ($24.95 for a large bag. I have been using this same bag for 7 months.)

Wait! I have one pic! Of my washer. 🙂 Shout out to my dad for drilling. 🙂


So let’s say I didn’t have the fitteds or doublers. Those were items that I already have that are allowed in the challenge. I could effectively cloth diaper one baby for around $100, depending on what covers I bought. I have Rumparooz, but, if buying my first stash, I could easily go with Thirsites or Kawaii covers for cheaper. I am also lucky to have a boy who is not yet a heavy wetter, so I have used only 9 flats in 2 days (that includes nighttime), so a dozen flats works well for me.

So far, this challenge has been eye-opening for me. Tomorrow I will do a post on using flats while out of the house, and Wednesday’s topic is all about washing. I washed tonight and I will probably wash tomorrow. So I should have plenty for those 2 days. Until then, have fun, learn much, and diaper on!


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