My 1st Self-Sponsored Giveaway!

Since I delivered my little Jellybean, I have been all about finding ways to keep myself upbeat and comfortable. We have had so many things hit us at one time. Some of it good, some of it bad. Some I have handled well, some not.

Keeping a blog and following others have helped. I have even won a few prizes. Seeing family and spending time has helped too.

Another thing that has helped me are many of the awesome products from Earth Mama Angel Baby. I love them. The are 100% all natural, safe for my little ones, and soothing for me.

The other day, I received a prize of some Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray. I had bought some when I was pregnant and still have a good bit left. This was a lifesaver as my Jellybean grew. I was carrying him low and some days, I was just really uncomfortable “down there”. New Mama Spray helped with the discomfort and it felt good knowing I could use something that I did not have to worry about harmful chemicals.

So, in order to pay it forward and hopefully help another expectant or new mama who needs a little help feeling better, I am giving away a full size bottle of Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray. Just click here to go to my Facebook page and enter with the Rafflecopter app. (Since I am hosting on, unfortunately I can’t imbed the Rafflecopter app. So FB will have to do. :))

DISCLAIMER: This is a self-sponsored giveaway. It is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook or Earth Mama Angel Baby.


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