Earth Mama Angel Baby is hosting a Twitter party tonight from 9-10pm EST! It is all about keeping products you use for yourself, baby, and home free of toxins. And word has it there’s going to be prizes!

I love Earth Mama Angel Baby. With the exception of a few Motherlove products, most of the products I used with my pregnancy (and continue to use postpartum) are Earth Mama Angel Baby. I started out buying myself the A Little Something For Mama-To-Be gift set. It includes trial sizes of Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash, Happy Mama Spray, Earth Mama Body Butter, Earth Mama Stretch Oil, and 2 Morning Wellness tea bags. After that, I was hooked. I used the Morning Wellness Tea and Heartburn Tea all through my pregnancy and added the Third Trimester Tea later. I made sure to have my Body Butter, and a full size Happy Mama Wash & Spray when I delivered Jellybean #2. I continue to use the Happy Mama Wash every morning, and follow up with a spritz of Happy Mama Spray right out of the shower and as needed throughout the day.

Why do I love Earth Mama Angel Baby? Because they are completely, 100% all natural. And their products work!


So, if you want to participate, just head over to Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #NoToxins4Baby.


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