Another “Wish I Had Found This Sooner!” Moment

This kind of ties in with this post concerning little stuffy noses.

Went to Target a few weeks ago and picked up a thing of Boogie Mist. Let me tell you, that has been a lifesaver! It used to be a struggle to get my Rosebud to take saline drops for a stuffy nose. This usually involved me holding her down and trying to get at least one drop in each nostril while she kicked and screamed.

Not so with Boogie Mist. The nozzle, which has to be used upright, (as opposed to the child having to lay down or tilt their head back) sends out a fine mist that they can barely feel. Rosebud barely flinches now when we have to use saline.

What had made me put off getting it for so long was the cost. It is $4.99 for a 2oz spray can, as opposed to less than $2 for a 4oz bottle of saline drops. But once I tried the mist (I had coupons :P), I will gladly pay $4.99 in exchange for not having to wrestle my child just to help them breathe better.


Some giveaways. :)

A day later then I promised, but the last few days have been crazy. (Jellybean is trying to get here before Christmas. But I am trying to keep this little one cooking until then. Not due until January 15th.)

A lot of giveaways have already ended, because of the holidays. But here are a few that I thought were worth passing along.

(Most of these are for the new Thirsties One-Size Pocket, since those were released on the 17th. 🙂 )

From Padded Tush Stats:
Enter to win two (2) bumGenius Elementals in Albert and Mirror, both snap closure.
Enter to win two (2) Thirsties NEW One-Size Pocket Diapers in your choice of color and closure.

From Change-Diapers:
Enter to win a GroVia Wet Bag in Sunset. (I have 2 GroVia Wet Bags and I love them. They are the perfect size for a day out and fit great in my Skip Hop Duo Diaper bag. 🙂 )
Enter to win one (1) 10oz bottle of Eco Nuts Natural Ammonia Bouncer.

From Cotton Babies:
Enter to win one (1) bumGenius diaper in your choice of Carroll, Jules, Piccadilly Circus, or Top Hat, in either Elemental, 4.0, Freetime, or Flip Cover.

From Thirsties:
Enter to win a prize package of 1 Booty Luster, 1 Booty Love, and 1 pack of Fab Cloth Wipes.

From Dirty Diaper Laundry:
Enter to win two (2) Thirsties NEW One-Size Pocket Diapers in your choice of color and closure.

From Diaper Junction:
Enter to win two (2) Thirsties NEW One-Size Pocket Diapers in Hoot with Aplix Closure and Meadow with Snap Closures.

From Abby’s Lane:
Enter to win a Thirsties prize pack of three (3) NEW One-Size Pocket Diapers, one (1) pack of Fab Cloth Wipes, & one (1) Thirsties Wet Bag.

From ConservaMom:
Enter to win one (1) bumGenius FreeTime All-In-One cloth diaper in your color choice.

And, as always, be sure to check out Maria’s weekly Giveaway Roundup for more giveaways.