Prepping Cloth Diapers


Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and prep my newborn diapers. Jellybean #2 isn’t due to make his appearance until January, but I had one diaper that I needed to prep for Rosebud. (Trying out a new Kawaii bamboo pocket. I love bamboo! But that’s another post.) So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and just prep all of them.

I don’t have my full stash yet, but I am already loving the Blueberry (used to be Swaddlebees) Simplex Newborns and AIOs. I love the fact that they are 100% cotton. And that brings me to prepping.

Any natural fiber (cotton, hemp, or bamboo) diaper needs prepping, which means you wash it in hot water at least 6 times, (10 is ideal, but not necessary) drying in between washes. Natural fiber diapers still have the natural oils in them and, as we all know from elementary school science, oil and water (or in this case, pee) don’t mix. If you do not prep your diapers before putting them on your sweet one, you will have leaks. Promise. Prepping is essential. The process of washing and drying so many times also helps the fibers to quilt up, becoming soft and more comfy for little baby’s bum. If you are prepping diapers made of a synthetic material, such as most microfleece and microfiber, just wash once with a little detergent and you are good to go. 🙂

Some people prep with detergent. I personally don’t add detergent every time I wash while prepping. I usually add detergent to the first wash and the last wash.
Also, the diapers don’t have to be completely dry in between washings. The drying, as stated before, helps with making the diapers softer and more comfy. And if you are prepping AIOs or pockets, and you are drying them in a dryer, you also don’t want to expose the waterproof lining of the diaper to undue heat. This will cause the lining to wear out fast. I recommend one cycle on delicate every time you dry your diapers.

Another word of caution. If your washer has a sanitize cycle for clothes, DO NOT USE IT!!! on your cloth diapers. The hot cycle is plenty hot enough for prepping and washing diapers. Washing in water that is too hot will damage every part of your diapers, from the cloth to the cover to the elastic. Again, DO NOT wash on sanitize.

After you have washed your diapers at least 6 times with hot water, they will be ready for your little one to model. 🙂

Happy prepping!


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